From Royalty to Ripper?

  1. Newly uncovered letters lend weight to claims Prince Albert Victor – grandson of Queen Victoria and second in line for the British crown – was behind the unsolved murders of at least five prostitutes in London’s East End.

  • In 1970, professor Stowell’s famous article on the identity of Jack the Ripper was published in the Criminologist. The suspect is clearly Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, Queen Victoria’s grandson, Heir Presumptive to the British throne.

Jack The Ripper and the British Royal Family

  • According to Stowell, Eddy was suffering from syphilis, contracted during a shore party in the West Indies, and that this infection drove Eddy insane and compelled him to commit the murders. In this theory, the Royal Family knew that Eddy was the murderer “definitely … after the second murder, and possibly even after the first” (Rumbelow, p 196).
  • A second book has named Queen Victoria’s surgeon Sir John Williams as the infamous Jack the Ripper – and it is written by a descendant of one of the serial killer’s victims

  • Dr. William Gull was a prestigious medical doctor who made many contributions to science. The theory alleges that his role in the royal conspiracy came directly through conversation with Queen Victoria. The theory goes that the Canonical Five Ripper victims colluded to blackmail the palace regarding the secret marriage of Prince Albert to commoner Annie Crook.

The list above shows a list of suspects to the Ripper killings with a link to the Royal Family. The thoughts are that Prince Albert had contracted syphilis while traveling and had become scorned to prostitutes. With the syphilis impacting his mental stability he had fits of rage resulting in the Ripper Killings.  He later died in 1892, the supposed cause of death was pneumonia, while some say the syphilis had caused softening of his brain. Two other suspects with a link to the Royal Family are Queen Victoria’s Royal surgeon Sir John Williams and Dr. William Gull. Most of the of the victims injuries had shown signs of the perpetrator having extensive knowledge of the human anatomy. There are stories that Prince albert had conceived a child with known street prostitute Annie Crook, and the Queen could not allow the second heir to the throne to have a child out of wedlock to a local prostitute. The other theory is that Albert was going to Marry Annie and the wedding had to be stopped at all cost. The other victims were killed because they were in Annie’s inner circle and knew of the pregnancy/wedding, so they had to be silenced as well. There are even some conspirators who believe there could have been more than one murderer, maybe it was a combination of any two of these suspects. Will forensic evidence ever evolve to the point that these murders can be solved?    

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